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Announcing the Royal Court—a Street Team for Sabrina York

I am recruiting members of my Royal Street Team. If you are interested in helping me develop and promote my books, please read on!

Please note: Because relationships are important to me, I will only be accepting a limited number of members.

What is a Street Team?

I am looking for two kinds of help:

Beta Readers: Occasionally I will ask for your feedback on a passage or a chapter, or ask for your thoughts on character names or book titles. (I know you are busy. Please don’t feel obligated to respond to each one, only when you have time).

Promo Princesses: I will send you information on new releases, reviews and other news for you to share. Also, the following help would be awesome:

  • Reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari etc. (but only when you feel the book warrants one)
  • Likes of Sabrina’s books, comments on blogs and reviews
  • Tweets, retweets, posts and comments on social media
  • Mention Sabrina to your Goodreads and Shelfari communities (because, frankly, I can’t figure them out!!)
  • Let me know when you are attending a reader conference and I will send you swag and goodies to hand out. (Lead time is helpful, to assure I have something on hand.)

**When you post something, please shoot me an email in case I miss it. I’ll give you additional entries into the Random Bling On-Going Drawing.

Street team members receive

  • Press and promotion materials
  • Entries into an exclusive street team only drawings for free books and swag.
  • Extra entries into the Random Bling On-Going Drawing just for street team members (win t-shirts, books, jewelry made by Sabrina, and random tiaras).

To sign up for the team, send me an email at sabrinayorkhrh at gmail dot com with Street Team in the subject line.

Street Team Guidelines

What’s the Difference Between Erotic Romance, Erotica and Porn?

The main difference, in my opinion, is that erotic romance is, at its core, about the relationship between the characters. With erotica and porn, it is mostly about the sex. Sabrina York writes steamy romance. Yes, it’s erotic romance, but the romance is the heart of the story.

Push vs Pull Promotion

There are two kinds of promotion. Push and Pull.

Push promotion is like when you buy a new car. The salesman will do anything to make that sale. This is called a hard sell.

Pull promotion is when you attempt to draw the customer in because you want them to experience your superior product. You realize sometimes they aren’t interested, and that’s okay. It’s a softer sell.

I prefer Pull promotion. For me, writing isn’t about selling a book. It’s about creating a relationship with a reader. I want my readers to feel comfortable with my brand and my books and my advocates.

If you promo for Sabrina, please remember to use a softer sell. It’s a big wide world out there and there’s a place for everyone in it.