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“This firefighter anthology…flares to life with some kinky heat in Sabrina York’s Saving Charlotte.” Publishers Weekly (Oct. 2013) on Smokin’ Hot Firemen

“You can’t go wrong with a Sabrina York story. You’ll want to take the hero home with you and keep him forever. And the sex? More than you ever dreamed. Get this book today.” Desiree Holt

Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK! Dragonfly Kisses, Folly, Smokin Hot Firemen, High Octane Heroes, Trickery



Adam’s Obsession by Sabrina York

Fallen Angel Reviews—5 Angels

I loved this story! At first, as I read, I thought it was just another internet story. But as the story progressed, I was drawn in to the sizzling chemistry between Adam and Kat, and his wiles to show her that the man she has been fantasizing about and her cyber dominant are one and the same were highly entertaining. The antics of fellow office workers were amusing and Kat’s interaction with her friend and coworker, Sara, was just intriguing enough to have me curious about her own story. This is one author I’ll be sure to seek out in the future for further reading pleasure.

The Romance Studio—5 Hearts

The sex scenes were so hot I had hot flashes throughout the whole book! I loved the story line and the growth of the characters as the story progressed. I would recommend this to everyone who loves a steamy romance with a little humor thrown in. Overall, it was a great book that I will read again and again!

Literary Nymphs Reviews Only—4.5 Nymphs

The scenes between Katherine and Adam are hot.  The final scene at the end was interesting, as things between them get settled in an intriguing way.  It was one twist I did not see coming in the resolution.  This is one I will be reading again.

You Gotta Read—4 Stars

This plot is familiar but fresh, the characters are memorable, and the romance is explicitly erotic. Adam’s Obsession is well written, sizzling hot and has definitely made my mouth water for Tristan’s seduction.

Night Owl Reviews—4 Stars

The sex scenes were absolutely awesome and had that edge of danger and taboo that makes the heart race.

Romancing the Book—A Lovely Rose

This was an arousing, intense and passionate romance. It started out hot and I don’t think it ever really cooled down. I will say that it had smoking hot sex and my e-reader was burning up. If you are looking for passion in your reading this is a great book to add to your shelf or e-reader. This will be going on my re-read list and Sabrina York will be an author I will be looking to for more hot reading.

Reader’s Edyn

What a fun and flirty read. Can you imagine having a *coughs* relationship online only to find out that he was the guy at work that you lusted after? Fantastical! Outrageous! Awesomesauce! I love that there was well thought out characters to this story that reached beyond the hot, frequent sex. Don’t get me wrong. Reading the sex between the characters was very entertaining, but the substance to said characters made the difference between liking the story and truly enjoying the story.

BDSM Book Reviews

The underlying smexy tone in this book is a turn on.  The little games of dominance from Adam commanding Kat kept my interest.  The SugarKink sensual scene when Adam ties Kat up hit my sweet spot.  Adam’s Obsession was a fun read which I recommend to kinky readers who love the interoffice romance with a happily ever after.

Sensual Reads

I loved this story, thought it was seductive and wanted to read more about this alluring couple, even after the book was finished.  You understand both Adam and Katherine, they both need anonymity for their own personal reasons and hope they find one another.  Wonderful read, couldn’t put it down.


Tristan’s Temptation by Sabrina York

Literary Nymphs Reviews Only—5 Nymphs

The chemistry between them is explosive and the scenes between them burn up the pages.

Fallen Angel Reviews—5 Angels

Tristan’s Temptation: a thoroughly fun, dizzyingly sexy read!

Night Owl Reviews—4 Stars

This was a fun read while also being hot and steamy, and with some interesting technical innovations thrown in to boot.

You Gotta Read—4 Stars

Tristan’s Temptation is sultry, sexy and seductive! It is well written with a fun plot, addictive characters and arousing sex scenes. Sabrina York has done it again. Keep them coming!

Reader’s Edyn—4 Butterflies

True to form, Ms. York has once again knocked it out of the park with this fabulous follow up to ADAM’S OBSESSION.  I liked that it was reminiscent of Book 1, but still a story all its own. The scene where Tristan makes Shannon come clean with how long she has wanted him is beyond hot. *fans self in memory* And of course there is plenty of other smoking scenes that darn near melted my Kindle.

Read this story! Hell, read both stories! You are sure to enjoy them and you can read them both in one day. I mean is there any better way to spend a day? I think not!  But be careful ~ I may have tempted you, but prepare to become obsessed!

Under the Covers Book Blog

Apart from how hot the sex was in this book, which it was, Shannon was a verynaughty girl, and like all naughty girls she needed a spanking, it was also incredibly funny, I was halfway between belly laughs and hornyness throughout most the book, yeah that did look as odd as it sounds, and I was glad for it.

BDSM Book Reviews

 Ms. York’s romantic heart shines through her story and it’s a lovely thing to view.  Her imaginative virtual world showcases her mischievous side.  One can only hope in her next installment, she really lets her freak out.  Each book in this series is increasing is smoldering passion.  This book is recommended to kinky romance lovers who enjoy watching a man change his mind to capture the woman of his dreams.

Sensual Reads

Fantastic follow up story.


Rebound: Book 1 in  the Tryst Island Series 

by Sabrina York

“You can’t go wrong with a Sabrina York story. You’ll want to take the hero home with you and keep him forever. And the sex? More than you ever dreamed. Get this book today.” Desiree Holt

“Rebound had some serious SIZZLE to it. I LOVED it! It hit just about every romantic cord in my body…it totally rocked my face off.” Insightful Minds Reviews

“Although it was short I did really enjoy it, remember ladies size doesn’t matter it is what you can do it with it that counts! This was a good quick read, sexy and fun and I look forward to the next book in the series.” Under the Covers Book Blog

“Characters with clever conversations, a few mix-ups with ‘who wants who’, and some starkly sensual steamy scenes, this is a great introduction to this group of friends set in the Pacific Northwest.” The Jeep Diva


Dragonfly Kisses: Book 2 in the Tryst Island Series 

by Sabrina York

Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK! “I loved the laugh-out-loud, humorous moments. Dragonfly Kisses has the right amount of wit, tear-jerking emotion, and steaminess to make a terrific read.” Night Owl Reviews

5 STARS “While the sex is amazing, what stands out is the characters and their stories, and mixed with clever dialogue, some bacon-laced bribery and an emotional fragility and rawness that demands tears.” The Jeep Diva

“The story was sweet, steamy, and heartbreaking all at the same time. I really enjoyed this one.” Book Chick


Smoking Holt: Book 3 in the Tryst Island Series 

by Sabrina York

5 STARS “Smoking Holt is…SMOKING!” Three Girls and a Book Obsession

“I love this series and it just keeps getting better and better!” Goodreads Reviewer

“Smoking Holt is, well… SMOKING!” Amazon Reviewer

5 STARS The Jeep Diva


Heart of Ash: Book 4 in the Tryst Island Series 

by Sabrina York

“I have enjoyed all the books in the Tryst Island series thus far. But, Heart of Ash is my absolute favorite.” Book Chick

“Whether you want a reformed trying to be bad boy, a wounded neophyte to the game of love, steamy sex or a story that is sure to bring a smile, this book will not disappoint.” Gaele, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

Heart of Ash is the first book I’ve read in the Tryst Island series. It certainly will not be the last.” The Jeep Diva

“I absolutely adored this book.” Amazon Reviewer


Folly by Sabrina York

Night Owl Reviews—TOP PICK 4 ½ Stars

“Folly” is one of the best historical romances I’ve ever read…everything I like about romances; a handsome, mysterious hero, a strong, but vulnerable heroine, comical side characters, a cruel villain, and just the right amount of a physical relationship between characters. York keeps the romance going, while keeping the book a page-turner. I couldn’t put down. York really knows how to write a truly steamy, exciting, and satisfying romance. I would definitely read more from York.

You Gotta Read—4 Stars

Folly is a romantic story that turns bitterness and pain into an unexpected happily ever after.

 “An enchanting read from the steamy beginning to the perfect romantic conclusion.” Amazon Reviewer

“I love Sabrina York!!! I’ll read anything she writes. I’m not that big of a fan of historicals/Regency, but because she wrote it, I read it. AND LOVED EVERY WORD. Wow! Sabrina is a master at bringing heart to her heat.” Amazon Reviewer


 Dark Fancy by Sabrina York

4-STARS.You Gotta Read

“An entertaining read that will sweep readers away.” Amazon Reviewer

“Dark Fancy was a great Erotic (with a capital E) historical…probably the best ones I have ever read! She wrote it with humor and steam…lots and lots of steam!! What a great story!” Amazon Reviewer

“Massively hot!”  Amazon Reviewer

Lust Eternal by Sabrina York

“There is nothing that I love more than a plus-size heroine finding her HEA with a sexy man! Lust Eternal has everything an erotic romance should have – sexy male, detailed steamy sex scenes and a sweet romance that gives the book heart. The story of Aimalee and Keeshan is what I would consider an adult version of the whole genie in a lamp bit, adding a deeper layer of emotion and eroticism.”  Vanessa, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

“Ms. York did a brilliant job merging the past with the present and fact with fiction to create a story that was engaging, vivid, sweet, and sexy!” Book Chick


Trickery by Sabrina York

Night Owl Reviews—TOP PICK Five stars

This book has some very steamy scenes that go on for pages so be prepared to get super-hot! The author has created this short paranormal tale that also has a snappy dialogue between the main characters. Plus the tale also has great background characters that keep the dialogue going on to the next scene. Some parts made me laugh. Trickery kept my attention from the beginning until the very end of it.

“Oh this was a fun story: witches and warlocks, magical potions and energies flowing everywhere and a master manipulation…some seriously steamy sex that will even leave readers breathless.” Gaele, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

“Hawt, Fun Halloween Read. Throw a warlock bent on revenge together with a young witch who doesn’t know her own appeal, and you get a funny, sexy, take-no-prisoners encounter that will burn a hole in your Kindle!” Love2Read

“A lovely feel-good quickie.” Bookfetish


Pushing Her Buttons by Sabrina York

Erzabet’s Enchantments—4 ½ Stars

The in your face eroticism of this book was light your underwear on fire hot…a book you won’t want to put down. At all. Lock the bedroom door and put out the do not disturb sign.  This book was a scorcher. Make sure you have some ice water handy and a nice vat of rum raisin ice cream ready at the bedside before you start to read. Yup. Your going to need it.

Coffeetime Romance—4 Cups

Pushing Her Buttons is not for the faint of heart. Despite the heat there is enough romance and emotions to satisfy any romantic at heart. The feelings of Sam and J.R are so raw and once the secrets are revealed the strength both characters have to expose the wounds and yearnings are vivid. Pushing Her Buttons is a sizzling read with an abundance of emotions to explore.

Fallen Angel Reviews—4 Angels

The sex was hot between these two, pretty molten in fact

BDSM Book Reviews

The sex in this book is kinky hawt. It’s enjoyable and requires little tools of the trade for the characters to get their kink on. This is what makes the book a pleasure to read. The story is more than just a man and a woman in an over complicated mating dance. Ms. York incorporates a little work twist which throws a kink into Sam’s life. This is expected and the conflict resolves in a manner which is anticipated by the reader with glee. It’s a sweet happily ever after ending which Sam deserves. This kinky book is recommended for readers who enjoy an alpha male chasing and capturing his woman.


Extreme Couponing by Sabrina York

The Jeep Diva—4 Stars

Oh this is one hot book. Be warned readers a trip to the hardware store or the grocery will never be the same.

“Sex, by the bucketful. The action was imaginative and dark…Tae certainly went to considerable lengths to set up erotic scenes for his wife. I particularly liked the cooking scene at the end – very naughty indeed – oh, and the basement, that is just too cool! Extreme Couponing is a well delivered story about a couple exploring BDSM, if that’s your thing then check it out.” Long and Short Reviews

“Extreme Couponing is an interracial romance between a married couple who have gotten a little stale in their bedroom play. The characters are sexy and interesting, the plot is familiar but enjoyable and the setting is well described. Overall, a short but entertaining read.” You Gotta Read 


Training Tess by Sabrina York

Sensual Reads

Training Tess was a sizzling read.  I don’t know where Tess finds the spine to go through with Jared’s offer, but as a reader I am so glad she did.  Jared is intense, dynamic, and pure seduction with every turn of the page.  Another entertaining read by Sabrina York.

“Make sure you have a cool drink on hand before you start reading this book, but then just sit back and enjoy.  Jared is a great character.  He reminded me of a historical rake, with his gentlemanly qualities mixed with those bad boy tendencies. I also loved how the book started right off with the attraction and tension between Jared and Tess when they each think the other is unattainable.  And of course I can’t forget to mention that the sex between Tess and Jared is amazing and not to be missed.” ARE Café

BDSM Book Reviews

This is one hot book…The BDSM includes bondage, a riding crop, spanking and more. Be prepared to find a way to cool off after this one.


Man Hungry by Sabrina York

“Man Hungry is a short story with tons of scorching sex and a lust at first sight plot. The characters are likable and sexy and the setting is perfect for the story.” You Gotta Read Reviews

“I would normally recommend a Sabrina York book on a hot summer day, but this one might make you spontaneously combust.” Amazon Reviewer

“This story absolutely hilarious and sexy too.” Book Chick


Fierce by Sabrina York

“Dear Madame, the sex was hot, Hot, HOT!” MsRomanticReads

“You will enjoy FIERCE if you’re looking for some short erotica that delivers heated, passionate sex scenes along with sweet and very likeable characters. Quick, fun, sexy erotica.” S. Richards, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

“As a quick pick me up bedtime read – this ticks off all the boxes.” Gaele, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

“Sparks fly between Katie and Sebastian and they ignite an unbridled passion in each other…smoking up the pages of my Kindle.” Book Chick

“This one blew my socks off and I wasn’t wearing any. I love how quickly the author caught my attention and how quickly the characters got together. Sex scene super hot. Highly recommend this story.” Amazon Reviewer


Saving Charlotte (Smokin’ Hot Firemen Anthology)

“This firefighter anthology…flares to life with some kinky heat in Sabrina York’s Saving Charlotte.” Publishers Weekly (Oct. 2013)

“This firefighter anthology…flares to life with some kinky heat in Sabrina York’s Saving Charlotte.” Publishers Weekly (Oct. 2013)

“Hot firemen, need we say more?” USA Today

“Some of today’s hottest writers deliver tales of the courageous heroes who get your temperature rising!” Rhapsody Book Club

“Smokin’ Hot Firemen is filled with erotic stories that will leave you breathless.” Fresh Fiction

“Excellent bedtime stories, perfect to add a little spice to your romantic life. Who doesn’t love a firemen? Who doesn’t have a fantasy of a fireman coming to put out your fire?” Networking Witches

“Amazing stories that keep you wanting more.” Fresh Fiction

“While I was feverishly flipping pages, I kept repeating in my head: ‘Please don’t let this be the last story. Please, don’t let this be the last story.’ There are seventeen stories in this anthology, and not a single one was disappointing. Not one.” Ms Romantic Reads

“If you have ever had a crush on a fireman or just firemen in general, you are going to love the stories in this anthology.” Coffee Time Romance

Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick “This very entertaining collection of spicy short stories both adds to the allure of the sexy firefighter and emphasizes the breadth of duties they may be faced with. The delightful variety of authors describe different aspects of a firefighter’s life even as they explore the sensual connection that they form with their lovers who have to deal with the risks that are faced on a daily basis and each author did a wonderful job of creating a vivid tale.”  Night Owl Reviews

Smokin’ Hot Firemen: Erotic Romance Stories for Women is very highly recommended for mature women who appreciate a deftly written and imaginatively erotic short story.” Midwest Book Review


Five Alarm Fire (High Octane Heroes Anthology)

“Serious alpha males who are ready to swoop in and save the day, steal a few hearts, and set fire to the sheets.”
Publishers Weekly

High Octane Heroes will satisfy the reader who craves the romantic idea of that ‘super alpha’ man.”
Erotica Readers and Writers Association

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick “The delightful combination of various writing styles that focus on different aspects of what makes an alpha male so romantic and heroic provide vivid examples of the various factors which mold these complex men who are driven to serve and protect.” Night Owl Reviews

“This is a great read and a fantastic way to while away a few hours dreaming of hunks and heroes and sexy situations. Do yourself a favour and get this book. You won’t regret it!” Manic Readers

“If you like hot this is sizzling […] This added some pizzazz to my libido and that is always welcome in my loving relationship with my husband!” Networking Witches

Rising Green by Sabrina York

Sensual Reads

If you are brave to take the foray into this dark erotica short story (and I hope you do) you will find yourself looking at strange plants in a not so innocent fashion.  I’d also add that it is more science fiction than contemporary but if you are a fan of any of these I would pick up this for a quick read.  It is very short so it’s a perfect book to see if you might like erotic horror.  I know I will be looking for more of this type of book but also I know I will be watching for more of Ms. York’s writings.

“Erotic and graphic…even the strange plant scene is oddly sensual and titillating, although eerie and with a sinister feel to it as well. Rising Green is for erotica readers who like to try the odd and the unusual, those readers who go for some invading plant tentacles and lots of hot and hungry sex before the horror ending.” S. Richards, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer