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Sabrina York’s Snag My Swag: #AWWTA Edition

AWWTA in Nashville

I had an absolute blast at A Weekend With the Authors in Nashville! There were so many amazing readers and authors there, plus it was a great environment to relax and get to know each other. Imagine having drinks with your favorite author, or beating them at a wild game of Cards Against Humanity!

As I try to do, I collected some swag for my post-con giveaway. This time I won a raffle basket at the conference (which I am giving away to you, of course), but what thrilled me more was that it was a basket donated by reader Karen Henderson, who donated a bunch of prizes to support the cause of Operation Troop Aid. The raffle raised over $2000 for the charity thanks to Karen and the others who donated!

Event Highlights:

There were so many, it was tough to pick. Here are a few:

Number One. They gave me a microphone.

excited baby

Victoria Vane and I discovered that we were next door neighbors in the hotel…on the last night

I got to be a model for a day with Randy Sewell

Deb Diem shared with me. We won’t tell you WHAT she shared, but she did.

Kandi Silvers and I talked bunny fashion

I did not grab Donna Michaels’ ANYTHING

There wasn’t even one zipline

I blinged readers at Author Speed Dating! Too Fun!

Cindy Wolcott and I closed down the costume party

I got to FINALLY meet Beverly Ovalle, Lori King, Natasza Waters, Tamara Hoffa, Kate McKeever, Violet Howe (You’re wearing violet, Violet!), Jo Grafford, Charity Parkerson and the amazing Pam Ackerson!

Not to mention my beloved street team members, Lyn Nore, Sandy Sheer, Janet Overstreet and Jodie Bivins! Plus I got to hang out with Deb, Melissa, Veronica and Rosalie!

Linda Rae Sande, Victoria Vane, Betty Bolte and I fought over a cardboard man. (He was worth it)

Kayce Lassiter whooped my bottom…

In Cards Against Humanity

Penny, Pam and I enjoyed Cruise2

I got a selfie with Hildie McQueen

I sat near Paige Tyler at the book signing. But I couldn’t SEE her because of all the fans at her table

I got a crick in my neck watching Maranda Raven do her PA Magic

Chandra Crawford and I talked about plotting strategies!

Melissa and I chatted about automotive repair

From the safety of the sidelines, I watched Elle James get thrown from the bull.

Lexi Post and I reminisced about our college days at ISU.

I discovered that Tara Cromer mentioned me in the acknowledgements in her first book, Finding You!


It was an awesome event. Tons of activities, over 70 authors and awesome readers, but still small enough to give everyone time to relax and really get to know each other.

Thank you Sandy Sullivan, for the wonderful weekend!

For info on next year’s festivities, visit the event page on Facebook!


AWWTA Giveaway

ENTER TO WIN THE AWWTA16 Sabrina York Prize Pack!

Prizes include:

A beautiful purse filled with reader goodies donated by Karen Henderson

A Kindle Fire donated by Charity Parkerson

Plus goodies from Donna Michaels, Elle James, Kaylyn Cooper, Sandy Sullivan and more authors!

And an elegant daytime tiara and Tennessee bacon brittle from Sabrina York

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful time!

Me with a microphone! excited baby

awwta keynote
  Here I am at the book signing!

Awwta 16 book signing

All the authors! (Can you tell which ones are troublemakers?)

awwta troublemakers

40 Responses to Sabrina York’s Snag My Swag: #AWWTA Edition

  1. Hanging out with you was the highlight of my trip. I loved every minute. Major squeeee moment. I bow to the Queen. Muah!

  2. It sounds and looks like you had a blast! Glad you all had so much fun! I hope to meet you one day. ♡♡♡ Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I will win a tiara one of these days lol

  3. Fun times! Oh, if the DE shirt doesn’t fit and nobody in the family wants it, you have my permission to toss it in a giveaway. lol I’m so easy.

  4. Thanks so much for a chance at winning this fabulous prize pack! Really enjoyed ARC of Lana and the Laird- the whole series is awesome, left a review on Netgalley, Goodreads and Amazon for the first two, the third Lana will be posted ON PUBLISHING DAY!

  5. Thank you Sabrina, for making me feel comfortable and welcome at my first AWWTA 2016! I came there with no one and went home with a bunch of friends. The whole weekend was a whrill, but I did enjoy being able to sit at your table for the luncheon, and than again before I headed home.

    I was blessed to finally meet you! And Deb Jones Diem, author Natasza Waters, T.K. Cromer, Charity Parkerson,and so many more.

    But I thank you mostly, for your selflessness, you making me feel at ease, just everything!!
    Thank you so very much! You made my weekend!!

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