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Training Tess

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When Jared Mittlebank spots his sister’s very vanilla assistant—a woman he’s lusted after for years—in a BDSM club, and she’s dressed as a sub, he can hardly believe it. He vows to have her.

For Tess, dressing up as a sub while researching an article she’s writing is a lark—until she sees Jared in the club. With Jared, and only Jared, can her deep dark desires come to light and be fulfilled. The question is, does she have what it takes to be his forever?

“This is one hot book… The BDSM includes bondage, a riding crop, spanking and more. Be prepared to find a way to cool off after this one.” BDSM Book Reviews

An excerpt from: TRAINING TESS

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He came early—very out of character for Jared Mittlebank. Marla was still in a meeting with her design team, raking someone over the coals for failing to check a copyright. Tess knew the instant he entered the office, although she was faced away from the door, bending over to find a file in the bottom drawer.

His energy, his intensity, lashed her. She froze.

“Nice view.” His voice, as always, was laced with playful humor.

A flush crept up her cheeks. Slowly she stood, file in hand. She turned and nodded coolly. “Mr. Mittlebank. Your sister will be with you shortly. She’s just finishing up another meeting.”

“You mean another reaming.” He grinned and leaned against her desk. She couldn’t help but notice the way his muscled thighs stretched the fabric of his slacks. Oh, and his ass was on her desk. She noticed that to.

She’d never wash that spot again.

“Tess.” She stilled as her name—for the first time ever—passed his lips. Unfamiliar elation cascaded through her. “How long have you been with Mittlebank?” He picked up her paperweight, a crystal globe, and stroked it absently.

She fixated on his long, strong fingers as they played over the surface. She couldn’t help but imagine those fingers playing over her flesh.

“T-two years.”

His thumb circled the tip of the globe. Tess’ nipples puckered. She swallowed. Shifted from one foot to the other. How was it everything this man said or did made her think of sex? Hot, steamy, sweaty sex?

And now, after last night, a whole other kind of sex altogether.

She forced herself not to show her reaction to the random wanderings of his fingers. He probably wasn’t even aware of the erotic connotations of his casual caresses. That’s how deeply seated his sexuality was.

Edging past him—careful not to touch—she sat at her desk. She tried to ignore the ominous sensation that she was a butterfly pinned to a board by a vaguely curious entomologist.

“Two years.” He set the paperweight on the desk in front of her. She put it back where it belonged. It was warm from his touch. “Two years.” He leaned back and grinned. She didn’t see it—couldn’t look at him—but she felt it. A trickling warmth. “Two years and I never had a clue.”

She froze.

Driven by the dark thread thrumming in his tone, she snapped her gaze to his. His eyes were beautiful. Mesmerizing. Ice blue ringed in black, feathered by girlishly long lashes. But he wasn’t girlish. Not in the least. Those eyes burned with a predatory light—one any woman with a pulse would recognize.

“N-never had a clue about what?” But, God help her, she already knew.

A muscle bunched in his hard, dusted cheek.  A responding wash of wetness burbled between her legs. There would probably be a damp spot on her task chair.

This man was definitely not workplace appropriate.

“So, we’re going to play games, Tess?” Her name slithered from his lips. “Do you…like playing games?”

She shivered. She could only imagine what kinds of games he had in mind. Oh, dear God. At the thought, more cream oozed out. Yep. Definitely a damp spot. His nostrils flared as though he could smell her arousal.

He probably could. That made her shiver again.

He straightened and stepped behind her. The heat of his body rolled toward her in waves. The cloud of his scent surrounded her as he bent lower. “You looked…very nice last night, Tess.” His voice was a low, sibilant whisper warming her ear.

Ah God. He had seen her.

He’d seen her and it had awakened something in him. Tess knew it was stupid to play with fire, especially a fire burning this hot. But she couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t pretend his interest, his posture, his presence didn’t launch her mating instincts into overdrive.

She wanted him. In every way a woman wanted a man. And then some.

Mostly she wanted him in. Deep inside her, massaging her, filling her, swamping her. She wanted to belong to him.

And, damn it all anyway, she wanted him to want it too.

The thought scared her to death.

The worst thing in the world would to be to offer Jared everything—even her secret soul—and have him laugh and walk away.

He laughed and walked away a lot. Tess had cleaned up more shattered hearts than she could remember in the past two years. It was why Marla forbade him from dating her employees.

Still, when he edged around to her side, to perch on her desk once again—way too close—so he could stare down at her with a small smile playing on his lips, she couldn’t resist.

Play with fire? Hell, she’d light the match.

She met his gaze with a nonchalance that doubled as a lie. “You looked…very nice too.” She turned back to her computer and began typing determinedly. Oh, they weren’t words. Just typing. She hoped to God he wouldn’t look at her screen.

After a bit she glanced up at his face and her heart seized. No. He wasn’t looking at her screen. He was looking at her.

Once he had her attention, he licked his lips. A shudder scudded down her spine and lapped at her weeping pussy. God, he was gorgeous. She tried not to fixate on his wide, lush lips, on the scruff on his cheeks, or the dark rings around his irises. She failed miserably. But then, he was fomenting that failure. It was there in his intent as he leaned closer, in his heat, his energy. He wanted to draw her in. Wanted her.

She tried not to come at the thought.

She’d wanted him since the moment she set eyes on his handsome, too-playful face. But he’d never showed her a flicker of interest. Until now.

“I had no idea you were into that kind of scene, Tess.”

She sniffed and pretended to reach for a pen, but it was more to tease him than to flaunt her disinterest. Hell. There wasn’t a disinterested bone in her body. Besides, instinctively, she knew. She knew he liked the chase. “It’s hardly something one puts on a resume.” She faced him then, solemnity weighing her tone. “My private life is just that. Private.”

He swallowed, heavily, studied her in silence as though sifting through the visions of just what form her private life took. His response sent a wildfire along every nerve ending. “None of those men were Dom enough for you, pretty thing.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“You heard me.” He pulled a card out of his pocket and drew the edge of it very slowly across her nipple. She gasped as sensation scorched her through the silk of her blouse. “If you want to find out how good it can really be, show up at this address tonight at seven.” He leaned closer, so close she tasted the lust on his breath. “Wear this suit, but nothing underneath.”

And then, with a sultry glance in her direction, he stood up and headed for the small boardroom.

It gave her some comfort to see his gait was a bit crooked. But not much.

Because her body was on fire.


Reviews for Training Tess

Make sure you have a cool drink on hand before you start reading this book, but then just sit back and enjoy.  Jared is a great character.  He reminded me of a historical rake, with his gentlemanly qualities mixed with those bad boy tendencies. I also loved how the book started right off with the attraction and tension between Jared and Tess when they each think the other is unattainable.  And of course I can’t forget to mention that the sex between Tess and Jared is amazing and not to be missed.


Sensual Reads

Training Tess was a sizzling read.  I don’t know where Tess finds the spine to go through with Jared’s offer, but as a reader I am so glad she did.  Jared is intense, dynamic, and pure seduction with every turn of the page.  Another entertaining read by Sabrina York.


BDSM Book Reviews

This is one hot book…The BDSM includes bondage, a riding crop, spanking and more. Be prepared to find a way to cool off after this one.