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Recipe for a Homecoming

Recipe for a Homecoming by Sabrina York
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She’d sworn off love. But can he heal her battered heart?

To heal from the wounds of her abusive marriage, Veronica James returns to her grandmother’s bookshop in small-town Butterscotch Ridge. The first thing she does is transform the dusty old shop into a cozy bakery/café. The second? Steel her heart against the charms of her first love, sexy rancher Mark Stirling. He’s never stopped longing for a second chance with the girl who got away—and he’s willing to accept whatever Roni is willing to give. But when their “friends with benefits” deal reveals emotions that run deep, maybe Mark can convince her that together they’re the perfect blend.

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.


He closed her door, jogged around to the driver’s side, heaved in and tried to catch her gaze before he started the truck. Just a smile, nothing much, but she wasn’t paying attention to him.

She pulled out her shopping list and silence reigned until they reached the end of the long driveway. It was kind of awkward, because they’d never experienced a lack of things to say to one another. She probably had a lot on her mind, given the impending grand opening and all, but he sensed a tension in her that made him uneasy. He wished he could figure out what it was.

“Thanks so much for driving me,” she said, at long last.

“Sure.”  Was that all he could think of to say?

“Your truck is so much bigger than my car.”

He shot her a grin. “Well, that’s what friends are for.” Because they were friends. Even though he had to occasionally remind himself.

“About that…”

Something in her tone caught his attention. Something twanged in his solar plexus. He tried not to stare at her, on account of the fact he was driving and all. “Hmm?” Yeah. Pretty much all he could manage.

“I mean I’ve been wondering… Oh, I don’t know how to say this.”

“Just say it.” What on earth was bothering her? Why was it so hard to get it out? “We’re friends, right? There’s nothing we can’t talk about.”

She turned to him, her eyes wide. “You mean that?”

“Of course, I mean it.” He wasn’t sure why, but his pulse pounded like a big bass drum.

“Maybe you’d better pull over.”

Well, that didn’t sound good. He eased the truck to the side of the highway and shifted so he could see her better without cricking his neck. “What is it, Roni?”

Yikes. She was twisting her fingers and everything. A sure sign she was really bothered. She took a deep breath before she spoke. “Well, you know how I told you I wasn’t interested in romance?”

His heart hiccupped. “Yeah?”

“Well, I’m still not. But…”


She met his gaze. A flush rose on her cheeks. “Do you think it’s possible for friends to have sex and stay friends?”



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  1. Congrats on all these wonderful books. I have this one pre-ordered! Now I need to go read the came out today! Love You!

  2. My guy was tall, wiry, and quick with wit, temper, and laughter. His voice was raspy and he had a goofy laugh : ) He had dark golden blonde hair, and the most beautiful green eyes ever! His outward bravado was matched only by the size of his heart. For me, an inner core of compassion is essential in a man. They may fuss, cuss, rant and rave, and act like spoiled little boys, but those big hearts are there when it counts. I was born and raised in the mountains of VA where hunting is a way of life (not mine) and also a necessity to thin the deer population. My guy was loved the outdoors, and loved to hunt. However, he once told me that he freed a deer which he found trapped in barbed wired. He determined that the animal was not badly injured, just caught, so he cut him free. He would hunt animals on their own turf, but he could never kill one for sport that was trapped. Sometimes the men who seem to be the most easily defined turn out to be the ones with the most layers. If they are good guys, then it is very much worth your time to work through those layers to the heart of gold found inside.

  3. I’ve loved your books from the first book that I read. I am 68 and that’s a lot of wonderful books. I can’t wait to read your about cowboys who find love. Thanks for so many grat hours of reading!

  4. What’s not to love about a cowboy? Small town settings and mentality are fun. Hope your pups’ heath continues to improve!

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