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Rave Reviews for Adam’s Obsession!

Read what people are saying about Adam’s Obsession…

FIVE HEARTS! “I had hot flashes throughout the whole book! I would recommend this to everyone who loves a steamy romance with a little humor thrown in…it was a great book that I will read again and again!”  The Romance Studio


RECOMMENDED READ! FIVE ANGELS  “I loved this story! This is one author I’ll be sure to seek out in the future for further reading pleasure.” Fallen Angel Reviews


5 Stars! “Oh. My. God. That’s about as coherent as my thoughts got while reading Sabrina York’s debut, Adam’s Obsession. Amazing, incredible, hot-hot-hot. If you’re looking for an astoundingly erotic read tempered with pure romance, this book is for you.

I actually finished two books tonight: Fifty Shades of Grey, which took me over a week to get through. I know a lot (a LOT) of people really like it, but I had trouble connecting with it, with the characters, the situation, the whole thing. And then Adam’s Obsession, which I read in one unstoppable frenzy from beginning to end. I literally could not put it down.

The characters are *real*, human, relatable, loveable, recognizably genuine, as are the emotions. The sex is scorching. Seriously scorching. If you read it on an ereader, it may melt. Paper is safer. All I know is, I cannot wait to dig into Sabrina York’s next fantasy. Wow.” Amazon


“The characters are memorable, and the romance is explicitly erotic. Adam’s Obsession is well written, sizzling hot and has definitely made my mouth water for Tristan’s seduction.” You Gotta Read


“Adam’s Obsession was an intense fun read…Adam is a very dominant man that can allow the woman he loves to have control sometimes. I did have to laugh at a couple of situations they ended up in. This is one I will be reading again.” Literary Nymphs


“I loved this story, thought it was seductive and wanted to read more about this alluring couple, even after the book was finished. Wonderful read, couldn’t put it down.” Sensual Reads


“The sex scenes were absolutely awesome and had that edge of danger and taboo that makes the heart race.” Night Owl Reviews


“Make sure that you make no other plans while you sit down to read this story, because I am almost positive that nothing will be able to pull you away…I am not kidding when I say that everyone should read this steamy and erotic novella.”  Sizzling Hot Books


Adam’s Obsession was a fun read which I recommend to kinky readers who love the interoffice romance with a happily ever after. Goodreads


Very enjoyable, fast, sexy read. Goodreads


5 Stars. I loved, loved, loved this story! A perfect mix of hot erotica, humor, and heart melting romance. Sabrina York has soared to the top of my list of favorite authors. Ellora’s Cave Reviewer


5 Stars! “This author’s debut is so hot my Kindle was smoking. I was shocked and smexified by the online naughty chats between the hero and heroine, amused at their realization of who their ‘real’ counterparts were, and delighted by their real life romance. And did I mention the hilarious computer geeks the heroine is forced to fend off in her pursuit of a man she can trust with her deepest fantasies? This story is a definite keeper.”  Amazon


“Adam’s Obsession…was just what I wanted to read tonight: a romance with two sexy and sweet characters finding love online and in the office, and lots of hot sex along the way. I really enjoyed it, and for all that I loved Adam, I’m now even more eager to read his brother’s story, Tristan’s Temptation…quite an impressive debut, full of sweet and heated erotic romance. I definitely want more of it.” Amazon


5 Stars! “This was HOT!! You gotta read it!!” Amazon


“The underlying smexy tone in this book is a turn on. The little games of dominance from Adam commanding Kat kept my interest. The SugarKink sensual scene when Adam ties Kat up hit my sweet spot.”  BDSM Book Reviews

Adam’s Obsession Review: “What a fun and flirty read…Awesomesauce!” Reader’s Edyn

And from other authors:

Sexy as hell in her deliverance, Sabrina York will make your panties drop. Delilah Marvelle

Loved Adam’s Obsession by @sabrina_york! Loved, loved, loved. Ice cubes…*sighs*. Can’t wait for Tristan!  Scarlett Sanderson

Sabrina York’s debut Adam’s Obsession is guaranteed to melt your ebook reader, and your heart! Cathryn Cade



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