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Congratulations to Sheri V. The contest Winner!

Favorite Quote Contest

Here’s a chance to win Sabrina’s tiara!

Simply list your favorite quote from any of my books in the comments section below to be entered. You can enter as many times as you like, but one quote per book please! (I have 19 books out, so you have a lot to choose from!)

Winner will be drawn by on DECEMBER 30th.

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Adam’s Obsession (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)

Dark Duke (Erotic Regency, Ellora’s Cave) —Coming soon

Brigand (Erotic Regency, Ellora’s Cave) —Coming soon

Dark Fancy (Erotic Regency, Ellora’s Cave)

Devlin’s Dare (Book 5 of the Tryst Island Series)—Coming soon

Dragonfly Kisses: A Tryst Island Erotic Romance (Erotic Contemporary)

Extreme Couponing (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)

Fierce (One Night Stand, Decadence Press)

Five Alarm Fire (Erotic Contemporary for the High Octane Heroes Anthology, Cleis Press)

Folly (Erotic Regency, Ellora’s Cave)

Heart of Ash: A Tryst Island Erotic Romance (Erotic Contemporary)

Lust Eternal (Erotic Fantasy, Ellora’s Cave)

Pushing Her Buttons (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)

Making Over Maris (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave) 

Man Hungry (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)

Rebound: A Tryst Island Erotic Romance (Erotic Contemporary, Available on Amazon)

Rebound is now available on Smashwords

Rising Green (Erotic Horror, Ellora’s Cave)

Saving Charlotte (Erotic Contemporary for the Smokin’ Hot Firemen Anthology, Cleis Press)

Smoking Holt: A Tryst Island Erotic Romance (Erotic Contemporary)

Training Tess (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)

Trickery (Erotic Contemporary with Magical Elements, Ellora’s Cave Hex Line)

Tristan’s Temptation (Erotic Contemporary, Ellora’s Cave)

56 Responses to Win a Tiara in Sabrina’s “Favorite Quote” Contest

  1. I loved this scene in Making Over Maris:

    “What the hell is that?” She gaped at the rumpled, well-worn paper.
    “It’s my flowchart.” Duh.
    Sara blinked. “You have a flowchart for picking up women.” Not a question.
    “Naturally.” Didn’t everyone?
    “Let me see that.” Before he could stop her she snatched the paper away. Scanned it. “Oh God.”
    He knew what she was seeing. He’d studied this flowchart a hundred times. Still, when she read it aloud, he winced.
    “Picking Up Chicks.” She grimaced. “Seriously, Jack? That’s what you named it?”
    “Yes.” What else would he name it?
    “‘Step One. Assess the situation’. Okay. That works. ‘Does she seem cranky?’ Cranky? Seriously, Jack? Cranky?”
    He shrugged. “It’s a critical variable.” It was. It was exceedingly difficult to pick up a cranky woman. “Statistically speaking—”
    But Sara ignored him. “‘If Yes: Charm her from her bad mood. If No: Proceed with caution.’” Sara sighed and glanced up at him. “Proceed with caution? We’re not wild animals, Jack.”
    “You kind of are.” This he muttered. She didn’t hear. Or maybe she did. Maybe she was ignoring him again. She did that.
    With a derisive snort, she crumpled up his precious template for seduction and tossed it in the trash.
    With a strangled “eep” he dove in after it, dug it out, refolded it and tucked it back into his wallet. It had never worked but it was all he had. He needed it.

    I mean really – the whole flow chart thing was just too precious. LOVED IT!

  2. Here’s a quote I love from Heart of Ash, during one of my favorite scenes, the syrup scene…”His touch made shivers ripple over her skin. Made her shudder. Made her quake.”

  3. I hate choosing just one, it makes all of the other quotes so sad to be not chosen! But…I could feel the room fade down to just Ash and Emily. This from Heart of Ash.

    Ash thrust out a hand because he knew she would take it. She couldn’t not in a situation like this. Her manners would not allow her to give him the direct cut in a crowd of wealthy donors. It was a sleazy way to get to touch her, but Ash had few regrets, because when her palm slid across his, a dizzying sensation assailed him. and he remembered. Oh, he’d remembered. He’d remembered it all. But this was more.

  4. He’d been ready—he was ready—to take her on the dining room table. Some evil ifrit in his head howled at the idea of all the future meals they’d share. Here. At this table. And none of the other Dawgs would know the manner in which he and Kristi had defiled it. – Rebound

  5. And Jack? Jack’s core nature was G-E-E-K. Chronic, incontrovertible, unaldulterated geek with a bad case of social incompetence, especially when it came to the female of the species. – Making Over Maris

    I adore that description, I giggled. I was hooked and thinking that there was no way she could fix him. 🙂

  6. “Huh,” Dylan grunted. “Good point.” He shot Cassie a playful look. “You’d better stay the night. You know. To be safe.”

  7. “What are you going to have?” Cam asked the table. It was a rhetorical question. Cam never cared what anyone else ordered. “I think I’ll have a burger and a beer.”

    “Sounds good.” Holt slapped his menu shut. “Bella? How about you? They’re still serving eggs.”

    Smoking Holt

  8. “It was.” She nestled deeper. “What do you think of schoolteachers now?”
    His chuckle reverberated through her. “Pretty damn hot.”
    She peeped up at him. “Even kindergarten teachers?”
    “Especially those.”
    “Well,” she sighed. “I guess my work here is done.” – Man Hungry

  9. He loved her, this bright, beautiful spirit. He loved her so much it hurt.
    The thought should frighten him.
    It did not.
    Instead, it filled him with a dizzying hope, a fierce satisfaction. Peace. -Heart of Ash

  10. “If Yes: Charm her from her bad mood. If No: Proceed with caution”.
    “Proceed with caution? We’re not wild animals, Jack.”
    “You kind of are.” This he muttered.

    Making Over Maris …

  11. Tristan’s Temptation:
    “Shannon, honey, calm down. Let’s talk about this.”

    “No. I’m done talking. I’m done hiding. I’m done,” She waved her hand at the Mexican hat stand, “skulking in the shadows.”

  12. “Going to his house? Alone? I mean, we don’t really know this guy.” (Been there with a friend a time or two)

  13. She’d made him beg. It had been an enlightening experience.
    For the first time, she realized she could twist a man around her little finger and make him writhe with ecstasy. – Adam’s Obsession

  14. Tristan, for his part, was speechless. Two things occurred to him at just that moment. First of all, Bosco, it appeared, was not a muscular, dreamy stud with a cute butt and broad, muscular shoulders. He was a dog. And a dog that snorted.
    And secondly, Shannon’s voice, that sultry Southampton purr, burned into his consciousness. You’ve been a very, very naughty boy. I should spank you. – Tristan’s Temptation

    I love a dog who snorts. 🙂

  15. A couple of dates with a guy, who only wanted to “tap that” as he put it, did not a love life make. She should have know Jeremy was a douche nozzle. He had all the hallmark tags. Hell, he waved red flags like a semaphore expert. — Smoking Holt

    • LOL Laurie. I remember writing that… I KNEW I knew the word but still had to Google, “What do you can Navy communications flags.”

      Yeah. I Google a lot…

  16. “It’s easy.” He stroked her palm with his thumb. “Some people go with ‘red light’, because red means stop. Some people pick a word they might normally use, but would never say during sex. Like…bacon.” He shot her a playful grin.

    “No.” She tapped her lips. “I might say that during sex.”

    -Smoking Holt

  17. Maybe because I had a Lambchop puppet as a kid…She smiled as his c–K nudged her hip. “Morning Lambchop.”
    He grimaced through a grin. “Don’t call me that. I’m not a sock puppet.”

  18. Another from Tristan’s Temptation:
    “Sure. Everything’s fine.” She didn’t meet his eyes. “He suggested I stay away from shrimp for a while.”

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